An apple a day keeps the doctor away….we’ve all heard that saying, but did you know that “Father of Medicine”, Hippocrates used to treat his patients with raw Apple Cider Vinegar? Yep! He did! ACV has great cleansing and healing qualities with naturally occurring antibiotic and antiseptic properties as well as external benefits.

A warm bath with ACV can help soothe itching from shingles, chicken pox and even psoriasis. Equal parts of ACV and distilled water in a spray bottle can also relieve any itching, redness or discomfort from poison ivy and poison oak. Keep the mixture in the refrigerator for more soothing effects.

A mixture of equal parts ACV and organic olive oil can help prevent windburn and sunburns to the skin and for sunburn relief an ACV compress (undiluted) can help prevent blistering and peeling. For those of us who really overdo it in the sun sometimes, a warm bath with a cup of ACV is healing to the skin. Follow up your soak with some aloe vera gel to sooth the skin even more.

ACV is also great for you hair. Using ACV as a rinse for your hair will naturally balance the pH of your hair, help with certain skin conditions, and even improve hair growth! It is a great follow up after using the all natural Nurture Your Locks Shampoo Bar. Studies have shown ACV can help improve circulation, which helps provide nutrients to the scalp for healthy hair. Who doesn’t want long, healthy and shiny hair?

            Bragg’s has a few recipes to help combat hair and scalp issues:


2-3 Tbsps. ACV in a cup

Part hair in sections and sponge ACV directly on the scalp and wrap your head with a towel. ACV helps restore proper acid/alkaline balance to the scalp. This should be done before every shampoo.

Dry Hair:

Apply Bragg Olive Oil to the hair weekly and ACV to the scalp, then wrap with a towel. Leave this combination on for 30 minutes to 3 hours before shampooing.

Hair Growth Stimulating Mixture:

For bald and thinning areas apply 2 Tbsps of ACV with a tiny bit of cayenne powder. Apply 1 hour before shampooing and please, keep this out of your eyes!!!

Hair Rinse:

An after shampoo since for shine and body, add 1/3 cup ACV to a quart of water. Add mixture to a spray bottle to make application easier. After applying to hair and scalp, rinse with luke-warm water.

Pet Lovers: After shampooing your dog or cat, add 2 tablespoons of ACV to a pitcher of warm water, pour overs your pet for a final rinse to help get rid of any soap that was left behind. This rinse helps keep your furry friends skin healthy and the fleas away!

There are more recipes available on Bragg’s website

October 06, 2016 by Gracie Fraser

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